Growing food at home in 2024? 🥬

Growing up, I was’t exposed to much farming or gardening and that meant I had to start from zero.

Over the last 5 years growing food at home, I’ve read and watched a LOT on gardening, keeping chickens, baking bread and fermentation.

In this Growkit, you’ll find my selection of some of the best content and people to follow when starting on your growing journeys this season.

👇 Topics covered (14 videos)

  • Why grow food at home?
  • Growing vegetables in gardens & on balconies
  • Designing your first, no-dig garden
  • Caring for chickens - basics
  • Baking homemade sourdough bread
  • Fermentation - basics

✅ Who’s this for?

This growkit was made for beginners who want to grow and make food at home in 2024.

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